Copenhagen studio w/ one-way mirror

(Central location with wall-to-wall one-way mirror - two minutes walk from Copenhagen Town Hall Square)

Focus group room

(the most atmosphetic, spacious and light-filled room with HDTV equipment for visuals)

Respondent reception area

(with the most service-minded hostesses)

Client observation room

(6-8 people + simultaneous translation equipment)


Our regular recruitment partners are definitely the best in Denmark – if not in the whole of Scandinavia. And this is not an exaggeration!

They provide sharp and precise recruitment – in terms of the defined criteria and spreads.

Plus deep understanding of the consumer profiles that are searched for through the screening criteria – intelligent and “qualitative” recruitment.

Their show rates for focus groups are typically 8-9 show-ups out of 9 recruited.

All verbal and engaged respondents.

simultaneous translation

Our regular simultaneous translator is very experienced in translation of qualitative markering research.

He has translated 1.000+ focus groups.

People Research has worked with this translator for more than 8 years with top-rate client satisfaction.