Dear fellow marketing specialist,

Welcome to our website. We are People Research – a Danish qualitative research agency based in Copenhagen. We help big business be more competitive, develop sharper marketing strategies and drive sales.

In our work, we focus on deep marketing and consumer behaviour understanding – typically though the use of focus groups or individual interviews – to develop clear-cut marketing strategies for a product or brand.

Our market position and competitive advantage is based on our ability to combine our qualitative excellence with outstandingly sharp strategic marketing thinking. And while a lot of agencies make this claim to the point of it becoming a cliché, very few of them actually can deliver on this.

We are one of the few agencies out there, who actually can!

And while being truly passionate to the point of obsession in the qualitative method, we believe that being great at the method should be nothing more than a basic requirement for any qualitative agency.

At the same time, we believe that it’s far from enough for creating real differentiating marketing value for any client out there!

Good qualitative research is not enough in itself. It – combined with a sharp, deep and differentiating marketing and strategic thinking – is.

At People Research, being equally excellent and dedicated at the method AND at marketing is the promise to our clients. And in the end the real, added value for the client’s product or brand. In order to be a great market researcher, we believe, one must both be a magnificent specialist in the method and a truly skilled and sharp marketing person.

Our clients know that! And that’s what you get.


Adam Stasiak
Marketing Strategist, Owner
People Research